Statement of Values

Corrigan only works with individuals, organizations, movements and campaigns that align with his personal values.

Any work which he facilitates will be held in safe spaces for all participants and are intended to be inclusive of marginalized peoples-including women, members of the LGBTQ community, First Nations, Indigenous & Metis persons and members of marginalized communities.

He will not accept money from, work with or offer resources to causes or persons that:

  • Actively oppose a woman’s right to chose.
  • Campaign against or work to undermine climate science–including spreading misinformation that climate change is not real or a hoax.
  • Are associated with the alt-right, the men’s rights movement, or known hate groups.
  • Hold or promote homophobic, trans-phobic, sexist, racist or other discriminatory views.
  • Promotes violence or make others feel unsafe, intimidated or harassed;
  • Are rude and make life generally unpleasent for others.

Photo: Amanda Dell’Aquila (via Instagram @loveamandadell) – David Suzuki Foundation / Burlington Green event “Connect The Dots”, Burlington ON, November 2017